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The Small Business Owner in 2006
and Beyond

This ezine focuses on the small business owner. Many of you reading this are entrepreneurs, working 24/7 to keep your dream alive, running your own business and doing quite well at it. Others are working in a large corporation and secretly wondering what it would be like to be the owner of your own business. Some of you will step out and (after reading various business magazines about start ups & franchises) open your own endeavor very soon. In any case, we all have to agree that the individuals who run these businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They are not worried about layoffs, downsizing, office politics, "the boss", and other impediments to income, such as getting transferred to another country, but are focused on simply making money. That, of course, goes hand in hand with providing a top notch product or service. There is no room for scams in this environment, as purveyors of scams are soon found out and exposed by the knowledgeable consumer.

Small business does not equate to small money however so this issue of wealthshowcaseonline has articles on unique individuals who have become their own small business like Luciano Pavarotti whose musical career has become the epitomy of success. Also people like Anna Kournikova who has moved into a new post tennis phase of a huge marketing success story. Andrew Carnegie's personal entrepreneur story is one that should inspire everyone going to startup a business.

Since many of you work out of your own home office, we have included an article on how to maximize your efficiency (and profits) by proper arrangment of your home working space according to the principles of Fung Shui. A meeting with that important new client or a night out on the town requires the proper impressive attire so we have included an article on style and found a tailor that will make sure your style is Individually Suited.

The travel section features one of the most fun vacation islands that we have found, so after working 24/7, you have a place to getaway and lose yourself in another world. Feel free to share a copy with a friend by email or if you are brand new to our readership go ahead & subscribe to our upcoming issues.


Bruce B. Taylor
Editor for Wealthshowcase Corporation LLC.


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