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Feng Shui for the Small Business Office

by Bruce B.Taylor

I am sure most people reading this have heard of Feng Shui and may be applying some of the principles to their everyday lives. Since this ezine is dedicated to the small business owner, a brief overview of how Feng Shui can enhance the office and attract wealth is a good topic to cover. So take a look around your office. What do you see?

Image Is Everything

Let's start with your images. These consist of pictures on the desk, walls, bulletin board, etc. Are they images of busy things, or aggressive with sharp angles? If so it may be that you are feeling un-necessarily stressed. Change them with calmer images. If you are looking at pictures of your goals, then you will focus on achieving those goals. As you achieve a goal remove that image and replace it with a more lofty goal. If you are looking at past accomplishments or goals reached, you may feel like you are getting nowhere. You need to keep moving forward and not get stuck in the past. Put your plaques and memoirs in a library room or a place where you can relax and reflect back and feel good about your history. Your office is where your present and future accomplishments are to take place.

Clutter No More

Look at your files and paper. Is there a lot of clutter? If so you may feel disorganized, stressed, or you may just have no energy. Clutter drains your energy by subconciously making you think about cleaning it up which takes time, even while you are on the phone with a client closing a major deal. It is a huge distraction. Eliminate all clutter & set up a workable filing system that you can understand. Touch each paper only once, read it, file it or throw it away. Keep everything simple. If your clutter is critical, deal with it a little at a time focusing on your immediate work area and branch out from there. Do not let it overwhelm you and do not clean during your scheduled recreational time as this will create anger and stress.

Your Desk Is Important

Take a look at your desk. As you look at it from your sitting position, divide it mentally into 6 sections, upper right middle & left, and lower right middle & left. (Lower being closest to you as you sit.) Start with the lower middle. This is your main work area representing your career. This area should always be clear and available for a new task or project. Remove any calendars, keyboards, mousepads, etc. that may linger here. The lower right is for your mentors and trusted associates (right hand people). Keep their information in this area along with a way to reach them such as the telephone or cellphone holder. The upper right area is for new contacts and those you are currently working with on your particular project. Keep their details and notes here in an organized fashion. That is your relationships area. The lower left is your knowledge area, or creative corner. Keep information that you are currently studying or books that you are reading in conjuction with your current project here at your left hand. The upper left represents your wealth! Keep accounting ledgers, checks just received, cash, a picture or model of a dream item, (like a luxury car or home you want), etc. here. Do not put bills or your checkbook there as that is not money coming in, keep those items off of your desk and in the drawer unless you have alotted time to work on them. Next to wealth, in the upper middle is where you should keep a nice picture, or an expensive lamp or something you admire. Change it periodically and do not let it gather dust or clutter.

General Office Layout

Situate your desk so you are facing the door and your back is against a wall. Do not face a window directly or have your back to a window as it will drain your energy. Your back should never be to the door either as you will always subconciously be looking over your shoulder. If you have employees, do not overcrowd them and devise a system to eliminate clutter or they will be stressed and un-productive. Your secretary or personal assistant should sit closer to the door than you do so you feel protected. Add in some water like a small fountain or an aquarium to get everyone's energy flowing in a positive manner.

Technology Briefs

Make sure your telephone system is high quality. It is your lifeline to the outside world and a poor voice quality can make your whole business falter. If your office is very high tech, use plants to make it more down to earth. Cactus plants work very well here. Make sure nobody is sitting with their back to someone else's computer monitor and use large computer desks to create distance from people to the screens. Use laptops for best results and productivity since people can take them wherever they go. (They will really use them too!)

I have just touched the surface of this interesting topic. There are many resources on Feng Shui and you can find them at your local bookstore or on the Internet. Explore it further and you will find that your business will improve as you apply the principles.


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