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Grenada: Beautiful Island Getaway

By Bruce B. Taylor

As you arrive in Grenada, and take in the beauty of the Island, you have to wonder what Christopher Columbus thought we he too first set his eyes upon that very land back in 1498. (He sailed by it on his third voyage, but was impressed enough to make notes.) From the pristine beaches and clear Caribbean water to the breathtaking waterfalls in the mountainous interior; Grenada will charm you with it's beauty. The harbours are nestled in the indented bays along the coastline and are among the nicest places to dock your yacht in the Caribbean!

"Life's A Beach"

The main resort area is called Grand Anse Beach. This long stretch of white sand borders crystal clear waters where colorful tropical fish dart around the coral reef. Here you can book a room in one of the resorts and just forget about time. Instead, take in the aroma of the lush tropical vegetation and spices. (Grenada is also known as the Spice Island.) Or put on your snorkel gear & enjoy the pleasant ocean mysteries that you cannot see in North American waters. If you are more adventureous, try diving. There are instructors for novice divers and exciting challenges for the master divers. You can explore the largest shipwreck in the Carribean, (a 600 foot cruise ship), or an underwater volcano.

Grenada Trekking

Put on your treking boots & take a hike into the mountainous interior. Make sure you pause long enough to watch a hummingbird sipping from one of the beautiful tropical flowers. Bring your camera to capture the images of the picturesque waterfalls and breathtaking coastline vistas from the mountain's summit. A good hike is up Mt. Qua Qua. This is a moderate difficulty climb and guides are available if you need one. Grand Etang Forest is another great place to hike through. Make sure you experience the bird sanctuary and jungle reserve there with miles of hiking trails and lookout points along the way.

Endless sunsets and sunrises of unparalleled beauty

As you awake with the cool tropical breezes blowing through your window and the amazing sunrise just beyond, you decide that it would be a great day for shopping. (Unless of course it is Sunday when the stores are closed.) Therefore, go to the Vendor Market right on the Grand Anse Beach. Here you can find local crafters displaying their wares. A good tip is to visit here first early in the morning. Many other shopping centers are located in the Grand Anse area as well.You can then travel into St. George's where you will find many art galleries and shops. Items you must buy are authentic spices and a bottle of River Antoine Rum. You will love the spices, the rum however is distilled at the oldest Rum Factory on the Island and has a very high alcohol content. (Use with moderation) You may have a difficult time finding it since the rum sells out quickly.

After the day's shopping activities, you stand in awe of the beautiful sunset and decide that a night of partying would be in order. So you go to all the hot spots. Places with names like Castaways in Lance Aux Epines, Fantazia Disco on the Morne Rouge Beach, or the Dynamite Disco right in the Grand Anse Beach area. There are many other unique places; for example the Casablanca Sport & Piano Bar offers a round of Billiards, Darts, Backgammon or Snooker on the 100 year old Turnier table. Many places party until the wee hours of the next morning. All types of music can be heard however Soca, Calypso, and Reggae offer the rhythms that you really want to hear and dance to.

By Sea or by Air?

Grenada has one major airport, Point Salines International which can accomodate the large aircraft of the major airlines. Many international flights come and go so travel to the Island is mainly via airplane. A taxi can take you to your resort. Some people arrive via yacht and the beautiful calm harbours make this an appealing way to travel there. Either way make sure you go as you will always remember your getaway visit to Grenada!

For more information contact:

Grenada Board of Tourism
800 Second Ave., Ste. 400-K
New York, NY 10017


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