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Current Readership:
107,500 plus subscribers as of January 2006
75,000 Electronic data marketing of targeted opt-in mailings monthly
27,000 estimated approximate 'pass along' value

200,000 plus targeted total readership per issue from our database comprised of the wealthiest people in the country.

Here are our reader survey results as of January, 2006

Male 67%
Female 32%
Under 35 19%
35-50 49%
over 50 30%
Marital Status
Married 57%
Single 43%
Business Owners 47%
Corporate Executives 42% 
Other 11%
Post Graduate 31%
College Graduate 63%
Other 6%

Worth of investment portfolio: Over $1MM 32%
Investment portfolios include: Stocks 81% Bonds 43%
Mutual Funds 65%

Residential Real Estate
52% own two or more homes
41% plan on purchasing real estate within the next 12 months

Auto, Boat and Aircraft Ownership
78% own a luxury automobile
28% plan on purchasing a luxury automobile within the next 12 months
23% own a pleasure boat
19% plan on purchasing a pleasure boat within the next 12 months
8% own personal aircraft or participate in a fractional ownership program
5% plan on purchasing a personal aircraft or participating in fractional ownership shares within the next 12 months

Stays at a hotel or resort
per year
10 or more 38%
5-10 34%
Number of vacations
a year

5 or more 27%
2-4 60%
International travel
in the past year

3 or more trips 29%
1 or more trips 80%
37% are interested in Cruising
within the next year

Purchasing Patterns
Percentage of readers who spent more than $20,000 in the past 12 months on the following:
Jewelry and Watches 38%
Home Furnishings 37%
Art & Antiques 34%
Vacations 28%
Designer Fashions 26%

Pass Along Readership
25% of the readers surveyed will pass their copy along.
21% of the readers surveyed save the ezine.


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