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Description: For the wine connoisseur, the ultimate wine carafe. Designed in France by wine lovers to be a worthy container for the most treasured bottles of wine, the carafe artfully graces the table with breathtaking elegance. The neck and handle of the carafe are made of highly polished pewter. 9.85 " tall, the carafe holds 1.8 liters (.5 gallon)

Price: $ 270.00

Contact: Netique Gift Boutique | Phone: 1-888-932-4438

Visit the seller's web site

Item: The Mainer Gift Basket

Description: Want it all? The Mainer offers a truly amazing selection of close to forty items, all stowed in a traditional, Made in Maine Pack Basket. This hand woven beauty comes complete with a built in leather back brace and shoulder straps.

Price: $ 279.00

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Item: Platinum II 21" Business Plus By TRAVELPRO

Description: Perfect for short business trips, carries your clothes and computer in one wheeled case! Dimensions: 21 x 8.5 x 14

Price: $ 299.99

Contact: Surray Luggage | Phone: 1-732-747-2557

Visit the seller's web site

Item: American Gold eagle coins

Description: The most popular gold bullion coin. Weight and content guaranteed by the U.S. Government. Brilliant uncirculated.

Price: $ 390.00 or 10 for $ 385.00 each

Contact: Aaron's Gifts Inc. | Phone: 1-877-274-7952

Visit the seller's web site

Item: Cambridge Business Case

Description: This meticulously handcrafted case symbolizes the pinnacle of success. Made of Hartmann’s natural belting leather. Size: 15"x17"x12".

Price: $ 550.00

Contact: Donaldson Associates, Inc. | Phone: 1-800-242-0321

Visit the seller's web site

Item: Gemstone Globe Clock

Description: In a worldly tradition, the Gemstone Globe Clock with it’s stunning patchwork of contrasting color and texture, is an intriguing collector’s piece. Semi-precious gem inlays of lapis, amethyst, abalone, picture jasper, tiger’s eye, jade, and mother of pearl are painstakingly hand cut and assembled by our skilled artisans to create intricate oceans and continents.

Price: $ 650.00

Visit the seller's web site


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