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"Parents You Gotta Ask Questions: How to Build Adolescent Self Esteem"

Learn how to:

Communicate with your child clearly and effectively EVERY TIME!

* Duplicate the experiences of parents who raised high self-esteem teens to produce exceptional results!
* Move past wishing and hoping to real strategies that work.
* Create a parent-adolescent relationship you never dreamed possible!
* Give your teen the gift of high self-esteem and watch ALL areas of their life change dramatically for the better.
* Notice a shift in your family’s relatedness as your teen becomes happy!
* Remember that how you do anything is how you do everything in life. That truth works for your teen and also for you.

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Health, Mind & Body


"You Gotta Ask Questions: How To Live A Happy, Healthy, Secure Life"

To live the life you want first you have to know what you want. This book guides you with questions to ask yourself to cover all areas of life, things you do not ask while leading "fine" lives. It also helps you prepare for the inevitable now so you will know what to do to prevent some crises and be prepared for whatever happens.

Click here for more information on this book!

Business & Investing


"Parents Are You Making These 17 Mistakes?"

Here is another wonderful book by Ali Bierman in her series of parenting books and programs to fill the need for parents who think their kids want help and do not know how to assist them. All are must reading no matter what age you child is.
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Arts & Photography




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