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Wealthshowcase Corporation, LLC
P.O. Box 22507
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29925
Phone: 843-681-6079
Fax: 843-681-6089
Cell: 843-301-6459

WealthShowcase generates quality luxury buyers for our clients utilizing a cooperative approach targeting the affluent luxury marketplace. Lead campaigns utilizing tv, electronic media, opt-in emailings, ezine publications, print media, luxury partner affiliate programs and search engine placement to reduce their cost per acquisition and reduce their cost per sales lead.

Luxury Mall

The WealthShowcase Luxury Mall uses a synergistic effect by combining a competitive, yet compatible companies that all have a common interest in targeting affluent buyers. This luxury megamall concept achieves signaficant savings to the client, while maintaining a steady source of qualified prospects to each individual category as well as each individual advertising client. The mall concept itself significantly lowers the cost of acquiring new prospects while providing a unique gateway to the luxury marketplace.

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WealthShowcase Online

The Wealthshowcase online magazine commonly referred to as a ezine or e-magazine, utilizes the ezine concept in eliminating paper, people, printing, postage and problems normally associated with traditional direct mail. Traffic is generated using the existing subscriber database to the ezine and coupling exposure created by WealthShowcase itself. The advertising impact is further enhanced through the use of optin email with targeted direct mailings, commonly referred to as electronic direct mail. This concept is further enhanced with our "luxury partner" concept where we incorporate mailings to known optin subscribers interested in various categories which are displayed in the wealthshowcase online magazine. Utilizing optin responsive databases, a source for specific interest and targeted direct mail results in clients and advertising clients reaching the desired marketplace at a fraction of the cost of direct mail. Each article is professionally written and format changes can be achieved instantly. The articles are written in an advertorial fomat combining the aspects of an interesting editorial and the impact of a concise advertising campaign, thus the word advertorial. xamine the WealthShowcase ezine and refer specifically to the About WealthShowcase section of the ezine for further information on specific demographics.

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Gift Showcase

The Gift Showcase is the newest addition to It is destined to become the world's greatest gift guide. Giftshowcase is the perfect online medium for the individual or company selling one unique item or the larger corporate client seeking to attract thousands to shop the entire company catalogue. It is an effective method of creating immediate sales and has proven itself to be a consistant database builder for the client as well. Not only will you collect qualified buyers with specific interests and unique and exotic items with price ranges from $10 to over $175,000, what you will find with this method of advertising is one of the simpliest and most cost effective plans for moving specific products.

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Marketing Data

Years of exceptional marketing utilizing electronic, print, internet, radio, TV, telemarketing and countless forms of direct mail campaigns have enabled our company to attract and maintain highly desirable databases. These databases all consist of qualified prospects who have raised their hand and have been verified for time, interest and money in the luxury marketplace. All databases are continously updated to take advantage of our expertise and the extensive and exhaustive testing and tracking that is constantly undertaken with the only objective to lower the cost of lead acquisition for our clients while providing the most convenient and effective system to produce sales and assist your company in building your own database of qualified prospects for virtually any targeted audience within the luxury arena. Please contact our office for additional information on marketing data and the use of optin email.

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