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Ali Bierman: Raising "Kids Who Can"
With Ali's Help

by Bruce B.Taylor

Are your toddler's tantrums running your life?
Do you fight with your kid to get him to do his homework?
Are you desperate to get back to the peace of work after your family vacation?
Do you wonder where your teenager is late Saturday night?

You Are the Role Model

 To initiate our new book section of the WealthShowcase online ezine, we found an extraordinary lady who is not only an author, but a musician, poet, and most importantly a parent. She focuses on children and the proper way to raise them and develop their self image while improving yourself as an adult. She asks all the right questions and has all the correct answers.

Ali Bierman sees a world where parent-child relationships are based on love and mutual respect.

Through her ezines, books, and mentoring programs, she shows you exactly how you can raise "Kids Who Can"- can be, do, and have anything they want in life.

What if you knew how to stop that tantrum cold or even better, prevent it from happening?

How would your world be different if your child did his homework without being asked?

Would you like to enjoy your family vacation so much you look for ways to work from home so you can enjoy raising your kids?

What if your teen called you on Saturday night to let you know where he is and who he is with?

I learned a lot just by writing this story about her, You can learn a lot more by reading her books and papers. She can show you what you are doing and what you could be doing instead.

"You are the role model for your child and he will do exactly as you do or the exact opposite of what you do. Take charge of how and what you are teaching your child." Good advice but there is a lot more: "What you don't know you don't know is running your life. More importantly, what is happening out of your awareness is causing strife in your own life and in your parent-child relationship."

Ali Bierman really knows how to show you what you don't know you don't know in your own life and what you can about it. She can teach you how to use that knowledge to raise a child whose self image is so positive she knows she can do anything in life.

What if your child were like Thomas Edison who, when asked what he would have done if he did not succeed in inventing the light bulb on attempt number 10,000 replied, "I would be working on 10,001, not here talking to you." Do you think that kind of attitude could propel your child to do things others could not even imagine doing?

Books You Want To Read

Her books are more than band-aids that tell you how to combat behavior "X" with technique "Y". Ali Bierman, a trained psychotherapist, teaches you exactly how and what causes your child to behave as he does. She shows you how to assist your child in creating the life he wants and you want for him. "No one likes a kid who is rowdy and disrespectful of others. Those children have no friends."

Parents, Are you Making These 17 Mistakes With Your Child? is one of her most popular books. It gets to the nitty gritty of parenting. Parents, and those who work with children, describe it as a wake-up call that gives you instant solutions for daily living in relationship with kids.

For those who wonder how to offer help when they think their kids want it and do not know how to ask for it, Parents You Gotta Ask Questions: How to Build Adolescent Self Esteem may provide the information you seek.

And for parents or almost parents unsure of whether or not to stay at home with their kids, she shares her personal experiences in Staying Home With My Kids: Lousy Hours, Lousy Pay, Priceless Rewards.

Ali Bierman is generous with her time, energy, and expertise. She has a special gift valued at $117 for you today. Pick up your free Special Report, 23 Secrets To Successful Parenting Revealed. and get weekly parenting tips delivered right to your inbox in her ezine, Parents, Your Child's Best Teacher...Is You!

Upcoming Lecture Tour

Ali is kicking off an upcoming lecture tour with a series of one hour telephone conference calls. Learn the details for the call schedule and for her outstanding mentoring program.

Brief Bio

Ali Bierman raised two amazing children. As a teacher, coach, and psychotherapist she worked with people from all walks of life in the schools, the homeless shelters, on the soccer field, with the youth ballet, community theatre and crisis care. She states that, "There is never anything wrong or missing in a person, parent or child." She believes everyone is whole and perfect as they are. When people learn how to look within they find their wisdom and all their answers. Her writing and mentoring programs assist people in understanding a way to interpret the world and live in harmony with themselves and with one another.

You can find Ali Bierman listed in more than one half dozen Who's Who books including Who's Who In American Educators and Who's Who In American Women.

"I am grateful for the many gifts given to me that made parenting and working with kids the joy of my life. You will see the beauty and wisdom in every child when you look for it. I believe that all creatures are at once teacher and student. In every encounter. whether it is the exchange of a smile between two people passing or a stadium filled with people, everyone has something to contribute and everyone has something to learn. For me the world is one infinitely big Learning Circle and my business is We Are At Once Teacher And Student Productions, LLC. I encourage you to get more information and share your thoughts with me and with others."

We at recommend her highly. She has a wealth of knowledge and information that virtually everyone can benefit from. In her words, "Children grow up so fast. In the blink of an eye they are out the door and on their own. Take action now to make a difference for your child and for you too."


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