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Style vs Fashion

Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent said it best:
"Fashion fades — Style is eternal."

Editor's note: Enter our contest to win a great wardrobe from Individually Suited. If you have not entered already, do not let this quality, valuable prize opportunity slip away.

The latest fashions may look great on the runway models, but most are totally inappropriate for today's real world environment.

Style, on the other hand, is an expression of individuality. A person with style knows how to dress appropriately for every occasion. They have created their own personal signature style that matches their personality, occupation, social and professional environment.

Today, it seems that more and more clothing retailers are chasing fashion trends and have abandoned the appropriate styles for business success. As more women are entering the executive ranks and as business is beginning to dress up again after the decade of dotcom casualization, professional men and women are having a more difficult time finding clothing that expresses their own personal style.

We have heard from many of our readers that shopping for clothes is becoming an increasingly frustrating experience. We recently discovered a great custom tailor, Individually Suited, who is determined to reverse that trend for their clients. They provide great custom tailored clothes along with outstanding personal service that is so hard to find from traditional retailers.

A copy that's better than the original.

A great service that we particularly like is their Perfect Copy™ service. If you have a favorite outfit that is getting a bit worn, but you just love how it looks and feels, Individually Suited can copy it in any color and fabric that you choose. They call it a Perfect Copy rather than an exact copy, because you can make changes to the style and features of the new garment to suit your own personal style and taste.

The quality of the workmanship on the garments we had copied was the big surprise. In every case, the detail and workmanship of the Individually Suited garment was superior to the much more expensive designer garment that we had copied. You have to try this service to believe it!

Quick and easy - Great results

Getting a Perfect Copy is an easy process. Just call or email Individually Suited. After a short phone consultation with one of their wardrobe consultants, they will send a Perfect Copy kit via overnight delivery. The kit contains high quality material swatches selected for your approval by the wardrobe consultant. You just select the material that you like and put the garment (s) that you want copied in the return overnight delivery box along with any special instructions. The tailors at Individually Suited create your new garments and ship them to you a few weeks later along with your original garment.

Complimentary Expert Wardrobe Advice

Specialized service has become increasingly important in our everyday lives. Today we rely on experts such as attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, interior decorators, for their particular expertise. Individually Suited believes that each of their clients deserves to have their own expert personal wardrobe advisor.

"Our clients are very busy professionals who are always short of time." says Carol Bentley, founder and president of Individually Suited.

"We provide wardrobe planning services based such factors as the client's profession, personal style, body type, geographical area and travel requirements. Every wardrobe plan is different and reflects the client's individuality. Our clients appreciate the personal touch and our attention to detail. Our goal is to make every one of our clients look and feel great every single day."

Full Service Custom Tailoring

Besides their unique Perfect Copy service, Individually Suited provides a complete range of custom tailoring services for men and women. They create beautiful suits, jackets, slacks, skirts, tuxedos and topcoats from over 2500 of the finest wools, silks, cashmeres, and natural fiber blends. Their selection of shirt and blouse fabrics in cotton and silks has over 2000 fabrics to choose from. They have a broad array of traditional and contemporary base styles to help clients establish their own signature look. They have even created custom garments for their clients styled after pictures in magazines.

For more information about Individually Suited visit their website: or call (877-535-8880. email

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